Treat Yourself to a Spring Break in Ireland

Spring is arguably one of the most enjoyable times of the year; the promise of summer is finally round the corner and the weather is gradually starting to improve. On top of that, the longer daylight hours keep everyone that little bit happier! Spring is also the best time of year to treat yourself to a trip. After all, exploring a new destination is always a good idea! Despite Ireland having an unpredictable weather forecast, there’s nothing more magical then visiting the Emerald Isle for yourself and uncovering all it has to offer. Come rain or shine there are some incredible sights on offer.
With so much history behind Ireland and all of its enchanting tales, taking a spring break to Ireland is the best way to spend a long weekend. Here at Aran Crafts we share with you some of the most beautiful places to see. Continue reading

Spring Accessories for Your Wardrobe

Spring Accessories for Your Wardrobe

Now that spring is finally round the corner, we can finally look forward to updating our wardrobes and embracing the nicer weather once again. Spring is often the time of year where the sun begins to show a little more. In other words, we can all look forward to the warmer weather finally making an appearance over the coming months.
However, the months of spring aren’t always as warm as we’d like and you might find that you still need to hang on to your layers for that little bit longer. Here at Aran Crafts, we have the perfect spring accessories to keep in your wardrobe over the next few weeks!

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Exploring the Wild Atlantic Way

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve lived in Ireland your whole life, or you are a tourist visiting for the first time; the Wild Atlantic Way is a truly spectacular part of Ireland. The country is full of magical adventures and breath-taking sights at every turn, and it has something for everyone to revel in. Whether it’s a busy city or the rugged countryside, Ireland offers all aspects of life. If you’re the type of person who enjoys losing themselves in the outdoors and gaining new experiences, then the Wild Atlantic Way is a must-see. Continue reading


Start the New Year with a New Wardrobe

With 2017 well underway, we might all be feeling a little glum now that the festivities are over. What you really need in the new year is to treat yourself and cheer up your wardrobe for the year ahead. With January known for its great sales, you have the chance to pick up some great pieces for your clothing collection.

With the cold weather sticking around, we have no doubt that you’ll be on the lookout for cosy jumpers, soft cardigans or even warm throws to keep you comfortable while you’re relaxing at home. With the chance to treat the whole family to a new wardrobe, what are you waiting for?

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Why Celebrating Christmas in Ireland is So Special

Christmas is a special time for everyone all over the world; but in Ireland, it’s that little bit extra special. If you’re thinking of spending the festive season in Ireland, then this might just push you to book those flights!

Whether you are of Irish descent, or you just fancy immersing yourself in a fascinating culture for Christmas this year, here at Aran Crafts we’ve compiled just a few of the things that make Christmas in Ireland so spectacular. Continue reading


The Perfect Aran Sweater for this Year’s Christmas Present

As Christmas draws nearer and nearer, you might finally be in full swing with your Christmas shopping. Whether you’ve finished it, or you still need some inspiration, then you need not look any further. Now that it’s almost that time of year again, we’ve got just the gift to add to your list. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gift to add to your own wish list, or the perfect gift for your loved ones, an Aran sweater is the answer.

But what’s so special about an Aran sweater, and why should you add it to your Christmas list this year?

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Winter Accessories for Your Aran Sweater

We all love throwing on our favourite Aran sweater, whether we’re heading out for the day with friends or we’re simply having a cosy evening in front of the fire. An Aran sweater is not only incredibly comfortable; they have a large part of Irish history behind them and their style. The history and culture behind this particular piece of clothing is remembered today all over the world, through well-recognised knitted patterns that each have their own meaning.
As the Aran sweater continues to grow in popularity and be a versatile piece of clothing, we wondered what accessories would be perfect within the Aran genre of clothing. In winter, it’s all about being as warm you can be, while still looking great wherever you go! Here at Aran Crafts, our collection doesn’t just stop at sweaters and cardigans. Our other selection of Aran items can add to your selection perfectly and look great at the same time! Continue reading


Christmas Gift Ideas for All the Family

KidsIt’s nearly that time of year again; you might have even seen the first few Christmas lights appearing in windows! Whether you’ve started thinking about present shopping already, or you’re too busy still acclimatising to the cold weather, Christmas will be here before you know it.
While some of our family members are easy to buy for, others may be trickier. We all have the family member who never wants anything for Christmas and never offers suggestions! So, no matter who you’re buying for this year, let Aran Crafts help you.
Christmas is, mostly, about the kids and we have no doubt that parents will be running themselves ragged trying to find the best gifts for their little ones. Luckily for you, we have a beautiful selection of Aran sweaters to keep them warm throughout the winter. Continue reading


Prepare Yourself for Winter with an Aran Sweater

It’s that time of year again, when the nights get darker earlier and the temperature gradually starts to drop. You’ll soon begin to realise that it’s about time you put away your summer wardrobe and start investing in cosy sweaters and winter boots! You might dread getting out your winter wardrobe, as it means you’ve finally given in to the cold weather, but with an Aran sweater, you won’t be able to wait for winter to arrive! Continue reading

What You Should Know Before Visiting Ireland

Ireland is a magical place steeped in folklore and tradition. An intriguing destination for anyone who chooses to visit, there’s so much to discover; we wouldn’t blame you if you’re planning a trip right now! Ireland has something for everyone; with so much culture in our cities and countryside, you might not know where to start. Full of traditional pubs, music and ancient ruins, you can easily fill your trip with soaking up your environment and learning a few things! Continue reading